You can manage your Bridgespace account settings using the Bridgespace account manager. You can visit the account manager on With the account manager you can change your name, school, country of residence, and password.

Using the Bridgespace account manager

Step 1: Sign in

  • The first time you visit the account manager. You may be asked to sign in with your Bridgespace account details. If you do not have an account, you will have to create one on

Step 2: Change your name, school, and country of residence

  • Populate your details and hit the "Save Changes" button

Step 3: Changing your password

  • Enter your old password and the new password in the appropriate input boxes
  • Hit the "Change Password" button

Step 4: Changing your avatar

  • Bridgespace uses Gravatar to display user avatars
  • If you want to change your avatar, follow the instructions found here