What is it?

The Bridgespace Impact Project is a unique opportunity to join a team of  4-5 colleagues and be paired to a client located in the US, UK, Canada, or Singapore. As we would like to create a more intimate experience for both the client and consultants, we will be accepting a limited number of students for each project. You will be able to tackle a real-life problem within an organization.

Who are these organizations?

The organizations range from tech startups to social enterprises that are located in third world countries, the UK, and Asia.

What will I benefit from?

The projects will train students to curate recommendations to their clients (organizations) based on the problem set out by the client. It can range from market strategies, youth engagement projects, technology research work, and business model strategies so no project is the same and it truly depends on the team and client deliverables.

For example

The client is a food bank located in the UK and they are in need of more donations especially during COVID-19. 

You will be tasked with answering how can they attract more donors and what are some ways the charity can utilize technology/digital marketing to achieve this goal?